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Does anyone know the amateur porn star who took pictures with John Daly?
Several years back I recall seeing hardcore pics of John Daly having sex with an amateur porn star. Now all I can find is some topless pics of John with an amateur porn star. I know I saw hard core pics, but I can't seem to find them now. Any ideas where to find them????
The idea of a topless John Daly causes bile to well up in my throat. I think you're better off letting this one go;)
Do you think this guy just paid the girls for the most part? Is it easy to get laid on sex chat rooms?
I read this on some adult website

Personal Information

My name is Rick and like most of normal straight males out there, I've always fantasized about being with lots of hot girls. In fact, I kept a diary with the number of girls I had sex with, the girls I got BJs from, the girls I made out with, etc. My lifetime goal, which I set when I was in my teens, was to reach 100 girls (not including working girls). So I tried hard at getting to that number by going to bars, clubs, etc. with a fair amount of success.

But then one day I discovered the internet and this has turned out to be the best tool for getting laid EVER invented. I remember the first time I logged on, I found myself in a sex chat room after 30 minutes on being on the net and was talking with some girl 2000 miles away about sex. Then I started going for girls that were closer to me and next thing you know, I started to get laid a lot with these online hook ups. I thought to myself this net thing was just so much easier and efficient than going out to look for girls. After all, I used to spend a lot of time and money, go thru a lot of bullshit and maybe get laid. So I decided to spend more time on the net to look for girls to ****. And since I was working my way to my 100 girl goal, I decided to put an ad for models on the local paper and pitch them a modeling assignment on the net so I could maybe meet more girls to ****. And although I had no clue on how to build a website, I started to take pictures of them with my cheap 35mm camera.

After few months of being online, I started swinging and eventually met some girls who had their own websites who needed guys to perform for them. I thought getting laid would not get easier than this.. just show up, **** the girl and then leave. What better than that?? and I eventually became good friends with some of the girls and within few months, I started thinking of actually doing a site myself. At that point I had the enough knowledge and connections. So I taught myself how to do a website and the rest is history. Today, I have surpassed my "goal" and I am just having a great time doing this.

Here is some basic information about me:

Name: Rick

Age: 30's

Profession: Financial Advisor, Webmaster/Actor/******

Location: California, Florida, Canada, Europe, and wherever beautiful girls take me

Experience: I had zero experience in taking pictures, video, or building a website when I started in late 2000. But I have learned how to do most things by myself. It goes to show where there is a will, anything can be done.

Current Goals: To have the most beautiful amateur girls on my site!! for this I will travel the world to find them. Earn a 10% annual return on my money and become a billionaire in my later years and then give it to charity (I'm not guyding).
It's all about the type of women you find in those chat rooms. I think websites like chat roulette wouldn't work, but on websites where people go to meet casual hookups, then it should be easy since that's what they're there for. This guy's lame because he clearly thinks he's super cool for having reached a disgusting goal. Have a little respect for women!
What kind of lipstick would i need to use to get kardashian's look from the vegas cover?

one that will blend in with my skin tone to make it look like i don't have any on....i dont think i'm explaining it right...but take a look at the picture and you'll get what i mean..
my skin color is waay lighter than that...but i want to know if there are any tricks in matching your skin color w/ lipstick color to get that effect?
any nude lipstick color, mac has alot of them as well as other cosmetic brands.

my favorite nude color is by too faced and called Totally Nude
My boyfriend looks at porn...?
I found saved pictures of amateur nude women saved on his computer a couple months ago. He saved the pictures from various websites. I didn't mean to find the pictures but he was using my computer and when looking for a document, I just found them. It was all new to me but he said its just something hes been doing since he was a young teen and that he doesnt do it too often. We dont have any trouble with our sex life and we have a good relationship. Finding this out about him just shocked me but i eventually got past it and dont think about it too much. Sometimes the subject just comes up. Ive read posts on here that say its normal. I just want some more peoples opinions. I love him very much. Do you think this is normal?
You have no trouble with your sex life and you have a good relationship. Sounds like everything is cool to me. It is normal. If he hides it it might be a different issue or if his tastes become more perverted then take notice but otherwise don't worry about it.
Will my husband cheat again?
My partner and i have discussed what we class as cheating and we find it unacceptable to save and download non professional nude pictures, amateurs, average non famous girl next door type pictures, role play online with females, and discuss sex and general flirt with girls online. Same vice versa for me. My partner was found to have girls he added on his instant messenger along with conversations being flirty with them and complaining about our sex life. He was confronted and apologized and deleted and ended that fiasco. Then when i was pregnant he made an attempt to join a role play chat room but quit it before i found out. I again confronted when i found history. I forgave. But all this has ruined my confidence and my trust. Will he do it again? Is he unhappy with me?
Unfortunately once a cheater, often always a cheater. This is rarely not the case. Considering nothing physical has happened you probably have a better chance than most. Find some real sex advice to see if your relationship has what it takes to last.
Can men explain why they view porn?
I've been in a relationship for over 5 years with what I thought was an extremely satisfying sex life. Actually even better than that. It's been incredible. We've experimented, talked openly about fantasies. We can get dirty. We can make love and everything in between. So when I found out that he was posting comments to women who put their pictures up on amateur/voyeur website I was shocked. He told them what incredible bodies they had, asked them to post more pictures and left his email.
If he was looking at people engaged in sex it wouldn't bother me. If he was just LOOKING at pictures, I might feel jealous but I wouldn't be upset. But the fact that he engaged in conversation and tried to further continue it by providing his email, devastates me.

He said things to these women that I thought he was only saying to me like "Very beautiful" "you are incredibly sexy" It really hurt. I would even send him voyeur type pictures and indulge that aspect of his fantasies in other ways.

My body isn't perfect, but it's pretty darn good. He has always complimented me on it and now I feel like I didn't measure up. I feel like if he was satisfied with our sex life and turned on enough by the photos I sent him he wouldn't have the need to ask other women to send him more pictures and provide his email address.

I don't know what more I could have done.
I'm a woman, and I don't think that there is anything wrong with just looking at porn, but what your husband is doing crosses the line, in my opinion! It sounds like there is nothing more you could have done. And it doesn't sound like he is as committed to making you happy as you are to him.
On a side note, I've never faked an orgasm in my life!
If he doesn't want a relationship then why is he on a dating website?
I met this guy that is 19 and he's a college student. He was all nice and sweet at first. Sometimes he would say that he wanted a relationship and sometimes he would say that he isn't ready for one. He changed his mind all of the time.

Eventually, he confessed to me that he was a sex addict and that he does amateur porn for the sex and money. He stopped doing porn after he met me in person though.

When I met him in person, he kept trying to get me to make out and straddle him. He asked permission to touch my breasts and between my legs. A month after hanging out, he started texting me at 3am BEGGING for me to have sex with him. I never did.

I asked if he wanted a relationship and he said NO. He said he only wanted an open relationship or friend with benefits. He is a player and could never be in a relationship because he wants to be able to flirt and have sex with as many woman as he wants.

He also goes the biggest university in the United States so I don't understand why he was on a dating website when he is surrounded by females.

He also changes his "About Me" on his dating website profile at least twice a week and changes his profile pictures constantly. He still uses it after we ended up "breaking up".

Why is he on a dating website if he doesn't want a relationship?
Because he's one of those guys that makes it that much harder for us honest guys that are on dating sites!

He's on there to increase his exposure to as many women as possible, in hopes of getting sex from them, while us honest guys really are on there looking for a relationship! the time he gets through with you ladies, you're so messed up by being played...that you won't give the good guys a chance! Understandable...just not fair to lump us all in the same catagory!

Sorry...had to vent a little too! lol

Seriously...I hope this helps you understand him a little better! And I hope you get away from him asap!
My boyfriend insists to put these pics on facebook?
i'm so mad at him. he always come on my face everytime we have sex and insist to take pictures of my face with his come on it. he's an amateur photographer (we're in college), so sometimes i let him take nude photos of me in various sultry poses as well.
well yesterday, he uploaded a picture of me with come all over my face (my body is cut off to avoid violation for nudity) and tagged me on facebook. now everybody is talking about it. guys are congratulating him and girls are calling me names.
is he an asshole or what? so far, he refuses to remove it and even jokingly told me to put it as my profile pic.
Your boyfriend sounds like a real asshole, if I were you, I'd drop him. It's something that's obviously private, and you've told him you don't want to share and he has completely disregarded that - Put him in his place. But then again, that might not help get rid of the picture/'s. So maybe, really put him in his place somehow, don't have sex with him, and refuse other pictures and such. And keep drilling him out the picture.
Ok kinda long but i need outside opinions?
Ok so here is the situation - ill try to be as short as possible
I have been married for 3 yrs - during the first year i found out he was on a site called, (if your not sure, its a site for random ppl to hook up and have sex) there was a recent picture and everything, he lied and said he didnt know how it got there, and he would delete it, i got over it, or i thought i did. Back in August i saw that he was part of a myspace group called Expose yourself - basically the same as amateur match thing. Well, he went to deployment training in September for like 3 weeks (before i decided to confront him about it.) the night he got home from the training i saw a text msg from a girl named Ashley that said "be there in 10 mins" it was sent at midnight the night before... so i was like WTF is that and WTF is this myspace thing. he said Ashley was a friend he met at training no big deal, just good friends, he didn't think the myspace thing was a big deal he will delete it. Well if him and this girl were such good friends im sure he talked to her alot before that one txt msg. so i checked the phone bill and never once before or after that night did her # show up....... i have never told him this though. ok so he deployed in November and its not March. A few weeks ago there were 3 charges on our credit card bill, from, and something called, when he called me i was like WTF is this?? he SWORE up and down it was not him, someone must have gotten ahold of our card # and made the charges. So i said ok and called the companies to see if i could get the acct. information - they said all they could tell me without a subpoena is that the accounts were active, yes with pictures and all and that the last name on the account was in fact mine and my husband last name. This i have not told him either, right now he thinks i have gotten over it and basically forgotten about it. I want to tell him how i feel and that i dont trust him and dont think i can be with him anymore, but he is overseas and i dont want to tell him on the phone, but at the same time i dotn want him to come home and think everything is OK and we will go on with life happy and fine. Im not happy, and i dont think its fine. OK so, here are my questions. Am i overreacting? is this something i should get over and stay with him?? and if no should i tell him before he come home (next month) or wait until he is here?
Thanks and sorry its so long
Look. He is indeed cheating on you. He is indeed lying to you. That was him that used the credit card, and Ashley was a one night stand. She was not the first since you've been married, and I can GUARNANTEE you she will not be the last. You are not overreacting, and it is not OK. I understand that even with all of the blatent evidence, it is easy to simply choose to overlook it and be in denial. However, on the flipside, he must take you for a complete idiot if he continues to make up these rediculous stories and expects you to believe them (which you are choosing to do). Read your question back to yourself, and imagine if that were a friend saying that stuff to you about their husband. I think it's pretty obvious, and if he wants to hook up w/ randoms, that's fine, let him. But let it be your EX-husband that's doing it. I certainly wouldn't wait until he gets home. I would get the ball rolling now. You've tolerated enough and wasted enough of your time. Do you want to be another 3 years down the road still asking yourself the same questions? Move on sister!
What do you think of my hubby's idea for our wedding (renewal of vows)?
Well it seems that the new year is going to bring a new life into our lives! While I was at work last night, I passed out cold. After being ambulanced to the naval hospital, they did a battery of tests on me and couldn't find anything wrong. My blood pressure wasn't high, but I had been feeling queasy & light headed since yesterday morning. I just blew it off as nothing. Well they did a pregnancy test, and come to find out I'm pregnant! The numbers were extremely high. The ER doctor was really concerened for my health & safety. I was sent upstairs to see an ob/gyn in labor & delivery. An ultrasound was performed, and it has been determined that I am 19 weeks pregnant (I have the severe form of PCOS, so my cycles are always late)!!! The sex of the baby is female. The ob/gyn did a complete health history on me, and he was satisfied that I will deliver a healthy baby. Before you ask, I have been taking prenatal vitamins & folic acid since before my last pregnancy. I have a 9 month old baby girl btw. Now I'm going to have two boys and two girls. I've told my husband that this baby is it for me. I don't want anymore after she's born.

So now on to my question. We were going to have a formal dress renewal of vows for our 10th wedding anniversary in March. But that's not going to happen now, because I'm going to be very pregnant. So he had an even better idea! Since our families weren't there for our court house wedding, why not have a huge family reunion this summer? He suggested that we have a casual dress wedding (renewal of vows). My cousin is a Christian minister (were a Pentecostal family), he could perform our wedding (renewal of vows). My husband and boys would wear jeans (me our daughters in jean skirts), and we would all wear the same colored button down shirts. I'm thinking more like polo shirts. My mom is an amateur photographer, and she could take pictures. My mother in law & sister in law are caterers, and they have said that they would love to cook the food. We are pretty much a casual dress/very laid back family. Honestly, I have never really been one to dress up, except to go to church. And even then I keep it just a skirt, shirt & simple pair of shoes.

BTW: Our moms have met several times over the years, and they've always said they wished they could have been there when we got married. We've got the officiant, food, and photography covered. Our families are pretty much supportive of whatever we wish to do. They are thrilled to welcome a 4th grandbaby into the family. The family has suggested that we do it over the 4th of July weekend at our family vacation spot in Colorado. The cabin is owned by my cousin & his wife. It would be crowded, but the memories would last a lifetime.

So what do you all think of my hubby's idea for our wedding (renewal of vows)? Please no snide, rude, and nasty comments, thanks.
You can do it now as a family reunion, or wait until the 10th anniversary and do up a vow renewal. Either is fine! But you need to stop calling it a wedding. If you don't want to wait for the 10th anniversary, you could call it a church blessing if you want, since these can happen anytime. But you only get one wedding, and yours took place at the courthouse, so nothing you do after that serves as a substitute.

I vote for the Colorado cabin. And then on your 10th Anniversary, just plan a romantic weekend getaway.

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