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Why do black girls have big ***'es?
I find black girls real sexy. I have always wondered why the have big asses.
Because they eat them greens.
Why do black American girls have big ***?
why do black American girls have big ***? It is Giant, I mean Huge, what is it ? by the way I do like to have sex, with big butt girl, I am just little bit shy to ask them out, in case my friends or my family see me.
It originates from west Africa and its an exclusive trait meaning they and their decendants only have it. Yeah white girls can have a fat *** but its not thick never really is just flabby jiggly like jelly.
West African trait
Thick lips
Thick nose
Thick ***
Thick structure
Its not a stereotype its fact you can go to Nigeria then go to England and count how many big thick asses will you see in both countries.
How do i find a black girl with big *** online so that i can date?
Hi every one im 17 and i dont have a girlfriend that i can love and kiss, please you got to let me now where i can find a black young girl with big *** which i can find and chat with on-line, my parents keep bugging me about why haven't U got a girlfriend YET! and i said because i need a girl who is intelligent beautiful and certainly a fine body and cares about me always.

Do black girls have bigger *** than hispanic girls???...?
buffie has a huge *** and i like girls like that..
but is their any hispanic girl with a big booty???
i need proof..
LMAO at this question. It's ignorant but I'll answer just because when I saw it, I couldn't stop laughing...Okay, for the record, I'm an adopted HondureƱa (that means I'm Honduran, or Latina for a general lable). My adoptive mother is black and her daughter (my non-biological sister, my sister all the same), needless to say is black. They both are flat! No butts. Seriously, small as can be. But me and my twin...the Latina girls in the family......big butts. Soooo, you can't generalize...and yes, some Latina women have large butts. And proof? Look up Jennifer Lopez. enough said
Why do black girls havesuch big Asses?
Ive always noticed that black girls more than other races tend to have the biggest, thickest asses!! Somtimes its crazy but im just wondering why is it that ther so out ther!!!!! its crazy! Even the mixed ones!!! any ideas?
its a genetic trait. like how asians all have brown/black hair, and how whites tend to have finer hair. its just diversity
Is it true that black guys prefer white girls with booty?
i was told that black guys love a white girl with an ***. and i have a black womans ***, and not tryin to be conceded but i loove it!! and it gets attention from every guy, and especially the black guys at my school.
why is that?
Do black guys like white girls with booty? They do where I live. It seems white girls with booty like them as well. A mutual attraction thing. I have no idea why this is.
Does it look like i'm a white girl with a black girl ***?
i'm not racist, in fact, i'd like to have a black girl curves or similiar.
my grandpa is African.
Page not found.
Why does every one want to act black and the white girls and the mexicans dont have *** they have implants?
like every girl tries to dance black and get injections and in plants in their but so it can be like a black girl
I can't even tell you how ignorant you sound.I really feel that the whole "acting black" thing is just one big stereotype.There is no way you can act a color or even dance like a color and what does skin color have to do with personality?I think you need to go back to school,your grammar is damaging my eyes.
Do white guys prefer black girls over asian girls?
I'm asian and I was seeing a white guy, he gave me the boot and married a black girl. Are asian girls considered to be ugly? Asian girls are know to be flat chested, have slanted eyes and flat noses, where black girls have big asses and big boobs. There are more attractive black models than there are asian. What do you think?
I much prefer asian girls. Black "girls" are UGLY and MANLY!!!!
Why do black girls always clap when they are arguing?
I watch a lot of reality TV and when I do -like Real Chance of Love- black girls always clap when they argue. Bay Bay Bay and ghetto *** Kiki look like idiots when they are clapping to the rhythm of their argument.
LOL you get alot of that on america's next top model.
it's not just black women.. its more of a dramatic chick thing.
its just body language, they usually do it when they are getting right up in eachothers faces while standing up

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