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Who was the blonde boy sitting next to Ozzy osbourne in Dancing with the Stars?
Dancing with the stars on ABC 7, on Oct. 19, 2008
The blonde boy was on Ozzy's right with a lip piercing.
Kelly's fiance Luke Worrell
Who played the blonde boy twins on Full House ?
Who played the blonde boy twins on Full House ? Was it the blonde twins from the Zach and Cody Show on Nickelodeon ? What would Zach and Codys real names be ?
idk who played that boys on full and no it wasn't zach and cody


Zach - Dylan

Cody - Cole
What do you call that cartoon blonde boy wearing red and making funny faces?
The boy with different facial expressions. Who is that? He's blonde, and he's wearing red.
edward elric? ha you need a little more info
Who is the blonde boy in the newest voltswagon commercial?
I saw a voltswagon commercial and I was wondering if anyone knew who the blonde boy in the car was?
He's in the car with the girl that says "The people wanna go podey, now."
Anyone know?
WTF is a "voltswagen"?

Do you mean Volkswagen?
What movie involves a young, attractive, blonde boy?
I searched this movie a long time ago, and now when thinking back, I can't remember the name. It's been so long I'm not even sure what exactly it was about. I do, however, remember that it involved a young, long haired, blonde boy. He was living in a house (possibly farther out of town) and was attracted to a girl who lived there. I remember he drove a truck as well.

PLEASE someone help me remember what this movie is called!
Is it Sleepwalkers? What's the genre?
Where can i find the pic of the little blonde boy in the auburn jersey shooting a bird ?
where can i find the pic of the little blonde boy in the auburn jersey shooting a bird ?.. I used to see in on myspace all the time and now i cant find it anywhere...
You want a pic of a little boy? I think Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC should handle this...

Why don't you have a seat, have a seat right over there.
How do I adopt a guy? I want a cute blonde boy?
I want a cute little, blonde boy, ages 1-6 that I can take care of and love.
Can you make specifications like that or do they just give you any guy?
Which guy is cheaper (like the paper work to sign up for I know they dont sell guyren, thats not right).

but I want specifically, a white, blonde boy.
Also, can you put them back into the adoption system if for some reason you dont get along?
What is the claymation movie featuring a blonde poor boy who grows and overcomes a demon?
What is the claymation movie featuring a blonde poor boy who grows and overcomes a demon?
I believe that was "The Adventures of Mark Twain".

It was creepy but it's the only thing that comes to mind.
Who is the blonde boy that sam likes in icarly?
there is a boy who goes to the same school as carly, sam, and freddy and sam has a crush on him. he has straight, blonde hair and has appeared in two and a half men. can i have the name and character name of this guy. thankyou xoxo :)
is it the blonde boy she goes on a date with in the episode, imake sam girlier if so his name is Graham Patrick Martin he played a bot named pete and he was on 1 episode of 2 and half men
What is the movie that features a blonde boy and girl (who I believe were orphans) with special powers?
It's about a boy and a girl with special powers and once this guy finds out and takes them in his car and he decides to "adopt" them so that he can abuse their powers. When he takes them to their home it's huge and it has a LOT of's set in the 70s.

Any thoughts?
Definitely Escape to Witch Mountain.

There was a sequel, Return from Witch Mountain, but it wasn't as good. Then they remade it this past year as Race to Witch Mountain with Dwayne Johnson, which I haven't seen yet.

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