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A female client of mine has a bladder control problem. She wet her pants in front of me. How can I help her?
She frequently has random urges and runs to the bathroom. I am friends with her, and she confided in me that she has bladder issues. What should I do?
You can tell her to see a doctor.
What female singer will wet her pants on stage next?
Carrie Underwood
Dolly Parton
Barbara Streisand
Hilary Duff
Kelly Pickler
Charlotte Church
Mylie Cyrus
Chrissie Hynde
Sheryl Crow
Bonnie Rait
Natalie Maines
Linda Ronstadt
Olivia Newton John
KD Lang
Stevie Nicks
Other you name remember this is a humor question dont take it seriously folks its just for laughs
maybe Fergie again
What does it mean if you wake in the morning with really wet pants?
Ok, basically I woke up this morning thinking I was on my period. I stood up and got that gushing feeling, as if I was on my period. So, I run to the toilet and my pants are wet, but no blood. I am 100% sure it is not urine, as I have never had this problem before, and the constancy of the fluid was not wee and neither was the colour. It wasn't thick discharge, it was just like water. And if it had been wee, surely it would be much more, and would be over the bed etc. It had gone through to my PJ bottoms a bit in the crotch area. I'm not worried, because bodies are odd things, I am just really curious. I thought maybe it was a female wet dream. But I don't remember having a sexual dream, and also, I don't understand the gushing feeling when I stood up out of bed. Can anyone shed any light?
I am in my early 20's and am not on any medication or anything - if that helps?
You have probably had a 'wet dream'. They're basically dreams that make you sexually excited, and make you release lubricants. This happens to males more often then females, but is not a rare occurrence. Basically, it's like you masturbated in your sleep due to a sexual experience that you may/may not have been aware of.
Hope it helps x :)
Wet pants at night =/?
i am a 16 year old Female. At night time i realise my pants are slightly wet... it doesn't smell, it has no colour, what isit? Wuld it be becuase of "dreams"? =/
I think you'll be ok. Some women are just more moist down there then others. It's possible if this only happens at night, that you are having "wet" dreams.

If it bothers you, you can try wearing pantie liners, they aren't so bad =)

I woke up with wet pants but is not orin?
For few days my pantis are wet every time is in the morning and in the day to...I know is not orin...i am a female 28 years old.....Why do i get wet???
that's cervical fluid, also known as come. Some women buy small pads specifically for that, found at your local drug store.
Randomly during the day and some night nights i have a wet spot in my pants?
i am 14 female and it is sometimes has a white like powder on it what is wrong with me
Thee sign of starting your period?
Nadia Petrova has broken the womans world record for fast serve ever by a female tennis player at 144 mph!?
Nadia Petrova has broken the fastest serve ever in womans tennis , her serve was recorded at a record 144mph at wimbledon 2010 ... WOW
This serve is faster than federer, Nadal, Murray has ever hit !! WOW
I bet all the female tennis players are wetting there pants right now
Thoughts ?
It's incorrect it will be corrected soon. Same thing happened at French Open 2010 and they reported Schiavone hit 136mph serve.
Do you feel turned on my female muscle?
My pants always get wet when i look at pictures or videos of muscular female bodybuilders!

Why is it some people can deny that they are turned on, or even call female muscle unnatural, gross, sick?

I think men should be ashamed that so many women are more fit and muscular nowadays than men, especially their calf muscles! They just bulge out and surpass male bodybuilders' calves.

If you look at Colette Guilmond, you will realize that she is far bigger than most male bodybuilders. Her pecs and arms are HUGE. That is the standard of female bodybuilding today.
I like female bodybuilders but I prefer the more offseason, smooth but thick look vs. hard & ripped. I believe many women don't want to see women leave the gurly fragile role and become more strong and assertive.

There is a thing called 'muscle worship', where guys pay a female bodybuilder to give them a chance to rub and worship their muscles. That might be a thing for you. If so, check out weblistings in your local area.
Wet dreams as a female and dreams of the ex, is this normal?
Ok this is really weird,
So i have been having some really screwed up dreams lately.
#1 i have been with this guy for about a year and a half, we broke up (he dumped me) about 2 months ago. And ever since i met him i having horrible dreams about him with someone else, or hes just been in every dream i have ever had. When we broke up for 2 months he has been in every single dream, either im trying to call him and he wont answer or my phone breaks, or hes just brought up, or hes with someone else. I have been havign a incredibly hard time dealing with this break up, hes been the longest guy i have ever been with and i lived with him for the full year and a half. The break up was incredibly unconventional and ripped my heart into shreds. The strange thing is im 23 and i have dated a LOT of guys, had a LOT of break ups, and really bad ones too! what the hell does this mean. I cant get over him unless i stop dreaming about him. I have never had a dream about a boyfriend before, not even with guys that i really cared for. I knew when i met him he was one of my soul mates. Are these dreams a sign or just the fact he was a huge part of my life.

#2 this is even weirder!
For these past two months i have also had what you would call wet dreams and as a female. toward the end of the dream i end up having some crazy kinky insane sex with someone, just anyone and i wake up and, im well, yeah you get the point, i think at one point i freaking woke up and my hand was..... well, you get it down my pants already! Every night ive had these dreams, however im not a sexual person, i get incredibly shy and blushed around men, porn makes me laugh and i have never had a one night stand, I have tried but i just cant do it. What the hell is wrong, is this like a medical condition or is it i need to get laid. For the past 6 months i was with my man both our sex drives were down, so we didnt have sex very often at all. Is this just a question of i need to get laid, for like 5 hours straight? I cant control this anymore and i need some advice asap, bc im not going to just go hook up with someone. My hearts still ripped out of my chest, and no guy really apeals to me at all.
Wow im weird
thanks guys
You are experiencing wet dreams or nocturnal emissions. Adults, both men and women, have wet dreams and prevailing medical opinion is that wet dreams are normal, healthy and meant to be enjoyed.

Your dreams about your ex indicate you haven't achieved closure. Closure is something you find within yourself so don't look to him for it.
My underwear get wet and smelly..why? I'm female btw..?
With certain underwear, it smells really bad and become damp...and make my pants damp and smell where my crotch is.. my pants aren't too tight, so I know thats not the problem. What are the best brands/kinds of underwear to wear to make the smell go away? (and the dampness)
Wear cotton underwear. And at night, you can do w/o underwear so your vagina can breathe... the wet smelly stuff is either sweat or a discharge. All women do that at one point or another. Try posting in the women's health section for more answers from ladies :) Most guys don't know stuff like that lol. We ladies know our bodies...

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