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Preparing for first anal experience, any tips?
Me and my bf are going to try something new, yes anal thing... but i am kind of not sure how it is going to tale place and feel...
Well I did try a 500ml Naya water bottle half way through and it was fine, i mean just neutral feeling...

Do you have any suggestion before I take the steps and actually try it?
Anal sex is quite enjoyable and will take some preprep before engaging in it.

Begin by:

1. Pre-stretching the sphincter muscle by insertion of a medium sized well-lubricated dildo. Do this for at least a week or more prior to anal sex;

2. Self-administering an enema consisting of plain warm water [without any laxative] via a hot water bottle to wash out all fecal matter from within the rectum; stop administering when the expelled water appears clear. Do this about 2-3 hours prior to the act;

3. Asking your bf to shave along the shaft of his organ in order to remove any hair. No hair allows smoother entry of the organ.

4. Using a lot of lubricant [K-Y] on the male organ;

5. Engaging in the doggie position, where you are on your hands and knees and he enter from atop;

6. Using a condom is optional since you are basically very clean inside your rectum and should you engage in oral sex immediately after he climaxes in your anal passageway; use an antiseptic/alcohol wipe on his organ before continuing oral sex.

Good luck!
My first anal experience ouch?
Um he lubed up with KY and still ripped me, now every time I have a bowel movement I bleed. How do I fix this? Should I stop with anal sex.?
Its not enough to just let him lube up - you have to lube up and lube again - too much lube is never enough - you might want to get medical help with the anal laceration to prevent infection. Or if you can't pluck up courage use some suppositories that are sold for piles. P&P :-)
How can I have my first experience in Anal sex?
I never did it before and I'm not gay,I'm a s8 guy but I want to get the a man or Woman.
Get a girlfriend and ask her or put an ad in the personals asking for fun and experimentation
From experience, does anal sex hurt the first time, how bad, details ?
i heard you have to break the liner or something and it bleeds? anyone with experience, answer?

I have done a LOT of research on anal sex since my boyfriend first brought up wanting to try it some time.

I think what you mean about that "liner" breaking is actually your sphincter muscles, ok, so, the anus has a sphincter muscle that keeps it tight and closed do we don't have accidents while not on the toilet, you know, things coming out when they aren't supposed to, now, rough anal sex CAN break your sphincter, actually, in the hospital near me they claim to receive a lot of cases of people who practiced anal sex a little too roughly and not in a safe way and ended up ripping the sphincter muscle, which of course can cause problems, at it's worst, anal prolapse, that is when your intestines slip out of your body...not a pretty image, trust me.

here is a little ((GRAPHIC)) anecdote of a friend of my sisters, she was having a threesome, with her boyfriend giving her vaginal sex and her bi sexual friend with a strap on (note- strap ons, sex toys, and dildos can often be exagerated in size compared to the average mans penis) giving her anal sex, she claims it was the best orgasm of her life, but now every time she goes to the bathroom she has to return about 5 minutes later to clean up the "leakage" because her sphincter broke, doctors CAN treat that though, they can fix it or implant a prosthetic sphincter muscle which works with a pump.

Also, you gotta have in mind the vagina is very different from the anus, the vagina produces it's own lubricant, as for the anus, it doesn't, it's a more sticky are, a problem with pain is when men go to roughly, or no lube is used, because of the natural stickiness of the internal walls of the anus if a person were to go in there with no lube the penis or toy is most likely to stick to the walls, so when the toy or the penis begins thrusting, moving back and forward, it pulls the skin along with it ripping and tearing the internal walls, that results in a LOT of pain.

NOTE- millions of people have anal sex, AND ENJOY IT, obviously, just like it's obvious that of those millions of people that have anal sex only a handful break their sphincter, or have a prolapse, you got to keep in mind to go slow, very slow, and be relaxed, the more tense the tighter you are making that sphincter, also have plenty of lube in hand, and you might find an enjoying new sexual sensation, good luck!

If the pain is too much for you or if you get scared half way tell your partner to pull out.

Hope the info was useful, and i know, graphic, I hope i didn't offend anyone here.
How much does anal sex hurt?
My finace said that since he can't take my virginity, he wants to my first anal experience to be with him. None of my friends have tried it, so i'm curious as to how much it hurts. I'm also seeing a couple of other guys, so will I be able to have vaginal sex a day after I had anal?
first of all, if this guy is your fiance why are you seeing other guys? If you're seeing other guys then you should under no circumstances be engaged. As for the anal sex, use a lot of lubrication and go slowly. After anal you can have vaginal sex right away, so long as the man has changed the condom or thoroughly washed himself. If any fecal matter gets into the vagina it can cause terrible infections.
Any couples have good or bad experiences with first time anal sex with husband?
any women leery at first only to find the enjoy it. My wife is not sure of the idea but wants to try.
well has she used toys or anything back there? if not maybe buy her one, maybe use it on her but go slow and maybe use it as ur doing oral, or at least giving some attention to her cl it, rubbing it, fingering her, that way she is more relaxed as your doing it and then if she is ok with it, try it. make sure to use plenty of lube, this site has lots of cheap stuff.

and while doing it till she gets use to the feeling of it she will feel like she has to go to the bathroom and lol its very umcomfy with the fear of that, so if she tells you she has to go to the bathroom, let her and then try again when she comes back if you want,

but after getting use to it it does actually feel pretty good, its so diff than the vagina, i do prefer vaginal sex over anal, but it still feels good,
I tried anal sex for the first time and had alot of bleeding. Is this normal?
much bleeding after first anal sex experience is this this normal and if so how long should I wait to try it again? The bleeding stopped the next day but it was bright red in color and there was quite alot
Work on trying to like it. First you must have a open mind. Then Have him just try rubing your anus while going down on u and then with a lube have him slowly work in. try that a few times before he just jabs that thing in there. Just work on it and have a open mind and your going to end up likeing it more than you thought that you would.

Good Luck
Feel stupid for asking but what about anal?
I feel stupid for talking about this but idk maby u can help.
Im eighteen .
Im pregnant
Iv been with my fiance for over a year.
And iv done about everything sexual in the book with him.
EXEPT anal ....
He keep wanting to do it.
But i think its gross. but 1000s of girls do it.
I can never get past the pain.
Can someone..
maby in lighten me of there first anal experience?
Just remember, sex isn't just about him. If you are uncomfortable with it, just tell him. If you do everything else he wants in bed I think it's only fair for you to have one thing you won't do.

♥ Taylor
Me and my boyfriend want to try anal for the first time. how do i prepare to make it a good experience?
i have heard so many horror stories about having anal sex and i dont want one of those stories to become my own! HELP!
Leggy is right --- as for prep before hand, some fast (ie, do not eat for a while), others take some laxatives to clean out the area, while still others use an enema.... basically, you want the area to be free and clear. Lube is key... many lubes out there.

One key thing, that most do not talk about, is that you should never go from anal to vaginal without first either changing the condom or having him clean himself up (with soap and water). This is because the bacteria that live in the colon are not healthy for the vaginal canal. Porn is not a good example when it comes to this. Just use caution and above all, common sense.

And again, Legg is right ---- YOU are in control, not your boyfriend. You determine the speed and intensity. If he takes over too soon or when you are not ready, you will be the one in pain and possible trouble, not him.

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