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Can a gay man have sex with women and still be gay?
If a gay man has sex with women, would you consider him still gay? And what if a straight man has sex with another guy, is he then gay?

Is the definition of GAY the act of sex with the same sex or the emotional connection or LOVE with a person of the same sex?
If a gay man primarily has relationships with men, then they are gay. The fact that they can have sex with women does not change that fact.

That's my situation. There are plenty of women I find physically attractive, although I've never had sex with a woman, nor do I plan to. I'm sure I could, and would find it enjoyable to a certain extend.

My ex, who I'm still close to, when he joined his frat (bad idea for a gay man) had to have sex with 10 women to get in. He is gay through and through.

Being gay basically is more about love then it is sex. If you can't form romantic relationships with the opposite sex then sexual attraction matters very little.
How can a gay guy who wants to be a woman but doesn't dress u find a straight man for sex with? Married is OK?
I am a very lonely gay man who wants to be a woman inside and doesn't enjoy sex with other gay men. I would like to have a straight man as a lover. So many of my gay friends have them(married ones too). What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions. The loneliness is killing me.
If you feel like you should have been a girl I would speak with a GENDER therapist:

Do you want to transition?

And to the poster above: People born transsexual can be straight, gay/lesbian, bi or asexual just like everyone else!
If i found naked stormtroopers and gay man sex on my husbands harddrive?
does that mean that someone is breaking in and trying to frame him?

he says he doesn't know how it got there.
That's what my sith said too. I didnt believe him and hung him up by his toes for about 12 hours.
If a totally gay man tries sex multiple times with women, and its unfulfilling what does that mean?
I know that if a person is completely gay they wont get pleasure from opposite sex no matter how hard they try, but when they do try it to see it, and its unfulfilling what does that mean?
It means he's a gay man who was curious and ended up disappointed and still gay.
Would a lesbian or gay man get turned on by having sex with someone of the opposite sex?

I was just wondering today, if a gay man had sex with a woman, would he get turned on? Not by the woman, just by the 'feelings' he'd get. Similarly, if a lesbian had sex with a man, would she find it pleasurable?

Just curious thought I had today...
tried once. (before i admitted to myself that i was gay) managed to get it up and working, but really wasn't into it. didn't feel right at ant point. no joy/pleasure in it at all. got a b l o w j o b and that's all i've ever done with a woman. wasn't into it. so on a basic level it worked, but i'd have no desire to do it again and there was no invested interest. for a girl i think it's different. girl's as i understand it (not an expert lol) are harder to get in the mood, so i doubt it'd get a lesbian's juices flowing...
Would It Still be considered a gay relationship if a gay man has sex with a pre-op transsexual?
i am a 33 year old gay male.if i were to have sex with a pre-op transsexual would it still be considered a gay relationship?Any Answers here?
Assuming you're talking about a transsexual woman (there are transsexual men as well):

No, that would be a heterosexual relationship. Surgical status does not matter, identity does.

Man + Woman (transsexual or not) = Straight

Can a Gay man have sex with a woman?
I know, I know it's an odd question. I am very curious about gay men. I want to know if a gay man COULD have sex with a women. Can he get an erection? What goes through his mind, another man? Does he get grossed out? Also, does a gay man ejaculate DURING anal intercourse?
Yes, gay men can have sex with a woman, and many do when they are in the closet attempting to conform to societal norms. Most guys can get erections when anything sexual is going on, regardless if they actually want to. He may fantasize about another man, that depends on who he is.

Personally, I would get grossed out if I was having sex with a woman because I think vaginas are disgusting, and I wouldn't want to go anywhere near one. Most gay men probably would too, so if they have sex with a woman they are probably just biting the bullet.

And yes, gay men ejaculate during anal sex.
If a gay man is having sex with Chas(tity) Bono, will that make him straight?
Chastity Bono is having a sex change.

So if a gay man has sex with him/her, does that mean the gay man is straight and Chas is no longer lesbian?

Would gay men have a love relationship with FTM person? Can they?
Chaz is a transsexual man. Therefore him having sex with a man would be gay. However, he has always dated women before, so he is straight. Maybe this will help:

To know a persons sexuality you must know how they identify gender-wise first.

If a person identifies as female, no matter their surgical status, and they attracted to men, they are straight.

If a person identifies as female, no matter their surgical status, and are attracted to women, they are lesbian.

If a person identifies as male, no matter their surgical status, and are attracted to women, they are straight.

If a person identifies as male, no matter their surgical status, and are attracted to men, they are gay.

Always refer to a person by their identified gender and it will make questions like this unnecessary.
Can a gay man PHYSICALLY have sex with a woman?
Would a gay man be able to get an erection from a woman and have sex with her?
It is possible but not likely P&P :-)
How can a gay man have sex with a woman regualrly?
Without using Viagra or anything like that.

How do gay men marry women and live like that?
I'm guessing they don't do it regularily

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