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Gay firemen, policemen, etc....seriously are they not the HOTTEST guys you'll ever meet?
I always thought muscular gay men who were firemen or policemen were always hot! Even though I'm a straight female, still pretty hott! What do you think?
There are a lot of hot policemen where i live. Love the uniform.
Should Christian policemen be forced to wear 'gay rights' ribbons?
A policeman in Norfolk was suspended for refusing to wear such ribbons to commemorate some gay rights event. It was against his beliefs. Surely people shouldn't be forced to wear emblems that go against their principles. What next? Man U fans being forced to wear City shirts?
I don't think a cop should be in trouble either for wearing or for not wearing that ribbon, but I could understand a requirement that a "uniform" should not be cluttered with "political" insignia of ANY kind. I do think, however, that the asker is particularly bigoted by saying "Christian policemen." What makes THEM so special?
Why do "gay fashion policemen" on TV tell ppl their clothes suck, when their own style typically is hilarious?
Yeah um no, before telling someone their jacket is hideous, take off that atrocious scarf.
Jay Manuel, that lipstick needs to go.
Seriously though, it's really ridiculous. I'm surprised if they actually have some sort of degree in fashion. The things they wear, are normally considered UNfashionable.
It's not just "gay" people who do this. Honestly it's many of these "fashion experts" that are doing it now days. Seriously, if I was caught in one of those outfits, well I'd ask someone to please shoot me, burn my body, and then launch my ashes into the sun.

I'm ok with my fashion as it is.
Have you ever met gay guy in masculine field of work?
I know there are a lot of closeted profession but Have you ever known someone gay from a very masculine type of job such as: Mechanical guy, engineering, policemen- firefighter ( ups, they are gay already! ^^)
I met this guy who is obviously gay..he is a construction worker, athletic build, fab and tough at the same time. Oh I'm so adore him;)
We are everywhere!
Can someone please explain to me why a gay policeman and a Muslim man would be at such odds?
The question was asked by someone if a gay policeman had the right not to help a Muslim man. I am sorry, but I don't know exactly why he would not want to. Can someone please let me know what they are on such extreme odds about. I am not trying to see anyone ridiculed in any way, I just really would like to have the information for my own mind's education. Thank you.
I know what question you're talking about. I think that the question about the gay policeman and the Muslim came up in response to a similar question:
"Can a Muslim policeman refuse to help a gay man?"
THAT question was asked in response to actual cases where Muslims will refuse to do certain things that their job requires due to their religious beliefs. Ex: Workers in a butcher shop refusing to handle pork, cab drivers refusing to drive anyone who has any liquor with them. (Even if it hasn't been opened.) Homosexuality is against the Muslim faith, so the original question about the Muslim policeman and the gay man was to ask if that Muslim policeman would have the right to refuse aid to a gay man due to his religious beliefs. After the original question was posted, it got asked again with the roles reversed.
To a policeman, how can a police officer be gay?
I know that some are, but does that not cause a problem with the boys in blue? I was just wondering. He or she can do the job effectively regardless of his/her sexuality. However, how do you all, as officers, feel about your buddy being gay?
That's just the way it is,sometimes they take incoming flak,but they do their job,when assisatance is needed we don't question thier sexual preferences.
What damage has 'Mr Gay UK' done to the gay community?
I was terribly saddened reading this news. Mr Gay UK using his 'Police powers' to conduct in lewd acts of sexual abuse on his innocent victims. This gives all gays a bad name.
As someone into weight training who has family members in law enforcement, what I noticed more was the fact that he's a policeman and had Stanzanol on him. Hopefully all of these will cancel each other out and people will just say, "He was f*cked up all right" and not blame the law enforcement, bodybuilding or LGBT community :)
What advantages and disadvantages does a gay man have if he has a policeman boyfriend?
share your views, thanks
Sames as anyone else
Career doesn't change your relationship

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