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WHAT Dude SIGN Like Hairy Chicks The MOST?
Hairy Chicks= In The Private Areas PLUS The UnderArm Area


eww gross
Is it me or is chicks with hairy arm is gross?
There is a couple of girls in my high school who are attractive but have like VERY dark hairs on there for-arms everywhere look disgusting.
I'm with you on that, especially dark hair, like brown or black hair, a lot of girls I know shave their arms.
I don't mind blonde hair.
A girl with hair on their arms is better than girl with hair on da legs! Thats for sure.
Why are European and Asian chicks hairy?
You know what I mean! Hairy, down there...they don't shave...AT ALL!

BTW, I'm not trying to be insulting...just want to know.
Because in Europe, many of us feel that having pubic hair shows you're old enough to be having sex. It shows you're a woman, not a little girl or still going through puberty.

It's not like we all walk around with a huge bush sticking out of our underwear you know. Plenty of us keep the hair short so it doesn't interfere, and we're not dirty- I often hear American girls say that pubic hair is dirty, but it's just hair.

I'm genuinely curious as to why you expect women to be shaved down there. Hair is natural. Is it personal preference or do all the women shave everything where you live?
Culturally speaking : Why are Indian chicks so hairy,they have more hair then the average male ?
I was messing with this indian chick she was sexy in the face took of her pants and I thought it was the amazon forrest,thank god I did not have a cigarette wit me
Why do Italians smell like garlic baloney.
Do you have a problem with chicks with hairy forearms?
YES!!! It's totally gross. If their forearms are that hairy, imagine their back, stomach, upper thighs, starfish, and jungle bush. You'd need a comb just to feel her breasts. The only way it's tolerable to do her is to pretend you're an anthropologist who's just come across a prehistoric human.
Do any of you chicks like guys with hairy legs or chest?
what about arms?
All men have hairy arms and legs to an extent...I suppose you probably mean really hairy though. It doesn't bother me and I don't really notice either way.
I love men with hairy chests husband has a really hairy chest and it's great!
Do Chicks Like Hairy Guys?
ima beefy dude with belly, arm, leg, and chest hair.
do chicks get turned off by the hair?
No ewwww!
Why am I always attracting hairy women?
I meet some great gal, then things get hot & heavy....then BAM!!!! HAIRY CHICK!!! I'm always getting these hairy chicks. What is the deal?? Am I just shopping for women in the wrong places or do I just have bad luck at dating?
You must like gorillas.

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