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If I have an average shade of brown hair and I want it to be noticeably blonde but not hardcore blonde?
How do I do that? I tried non permanent blonde dye last night but it just looks a little bit lighter. I don't want to use bleach because I don't want to have to keep redyeing my hair and I really only want this to last like a month. Would using a permanent platinum blonde dye work? How long does permanent dye actually stay in?
You should go to a professional instead.
Your hair will not turn blonde just by coloring your hair at home.
Its a process coloring dark hair lighter, especially if your asking if you should use platnium blonde to color your hair.
It won't turn out the way you want it to be.
Your hair will either turn orange or fall out if you leave the color in too long.
I need a new hardcore sort of hairstyle to suit my face shape...?
I want a hardcore sort of edgy style. I don't want to label but a sort of emo/scene style. I have a chubby round face with pale skin and longish dark blonde hair (Sort of strawberry or honey blonde). Also what colour would be best for me to die it? or should I just leave it?

Btw I don't want to go any shorter than shoulder length and I want a fringe whether it be side or staight along.
This might help

Why do these girly girls try to be hardcore?
This girl I use to be best friends with until she got into drugs and too much partying, she tries to act like everyone's scared of her, and she says her friend can beat up anybody and everyone in the club is afraid of her... My friend spray tans and is a size 0, looks like someone from jersey shore and wears extensions and is very girly. Her friend that she claims is really hardcore is blonde and tan and very skinny with implants and alot of makeup. They don't look like anyone would be afraid of them or that they could take on anyone actually. They only win fights b/c all 12 of them take on one girl. I saw my friend yell at a girl and when the girl stepped up to her she lowered her vvoice and backed away and her whole attitude changed. What's te point of trying to act hardcore when you're not? Just wondering.
Total wanna-be's
Just avoid them - best advice really!
I've got a couple of them at my school, but none of them take drugs.
The party it up and act so intimidating, when everyone really - even guys - think they are sluts, ignorant and bitchy - which frankly they are - but they feel like theyal love them! & its like - really, your not all you think you are!
What goes around comes around, they'll get whats coming to them!
Losers :)
Is bleach blonde or black hair more bad ***?
Im trying to decide which is more hardcore. I see Joan Jett who's one totally bad *** chick but then I see Cherie Currie, or Taylor Momsen who are platinum blondes. Which is the bad ***, hardcore rocker chick color?
Neither. It depends on which one looks more striking with your face. Normally girls that can pull off one, can pull off the either and look just as good. I personally think being blonde takes more balls, and that makes it hardcore. Plus it looks so striking with heavy eye makeup.
Do you think marylin manson is too hardcore?
i like some of his stuff, along with guy rock. and people never believe me when i tell them that because i'm a short blonde girl haha. do you think they're too much?
Too hardcore??? Marilyn Manson? Do the people you tell this to listen to the jonas brothers? I guess only those people would consider MM to be too hardcore?
Why do wiggers try to act so hardcore?
I saw this little blonde, blue eyes wigga boy in the mall today and it made me chuckle cuz he looked so out of place,why would someone want that look?If he pulled a gun at me wanting my money i'd prob just smile and pat him on the head.It's not an attractive look,the baggy clothes makes them look too skinny and @ssless,agreed? =]
lol...teenies are so funny to look at acting cool and all that hugging

and not sure what this wigger style is but looks funny when a young boy is acting all cool and dangerous walking like he has balls of the size of Mongolia ... then i imagine that if his mummy would be there he would be sitting down next to her keeping his mouth shut like a good lil boy


we have all been there done that

live and let live
What is the appeal of the tan? Does anyone else agree it looks completley ugly?
Sure a nice tan is okay, but should appearances be judged by how tan you are? personally, I think if it dosen't suit your body it looks revolting, blonde girls with hardcore tan look gross. Pale is healthier and nicer, what do you think?
Agreed! Ugh, I hate the fake orange look. Platinum blonde hair with orange skin is gross. Gross, gross, gross. Just because you're deeply burnt looking doesn't mean you're hot, okay? Haha. Oompa Loompa skin is never a good look on anyone. I mean, a nice, natural tan is great, but those obvious tanning booth tans are disgusting. Who wants to look like a deep fried mess anyway?
Looking for a post hardcore/rock band that has a blonde lead vocalist?
the band was on mtv2 during commercial breaks over the summer
I've got two for ya:


In This Moment

I love both bands. I don't watch MTV, so I don't know if either were on there but In This Moment did a cover of "Call Me" by Blondie that got some air time on some music channels on TV.
Hardcore brunnette goin' blonde...?
I have dark brown hair and (on a whim) my friends are dying it blonde tonight. My mom has the conditioner, brush, peroxide (20 and 40 volume) bleach and gloves. However the directions are not clear to me at all. the bleach says extra strength, so would the 40 volume be too strong!

It will not be too strong as you have dark brown hair and it will need 40 to go totally blond. But It will damage your hair somewhat.
Is solid black or bleach blonde more "hardcore", rocker chicky?
Joan Jett and Ann Wilson or Taylor Momsen and Courtney Love in a sense. Is black or blonde more bad ***??? www.google.com/m/search?q=joan+jett&site=images&ei=ataDTbDFN4PRlAfv35BS&ved=0CE8Q7AkwAA#i=6 or www.google.com/m/search?site=images&aq=2&oq=taylor%2520momsen%2520&aqi=g6-k1d0t0&fkt=1115&fsdt=5363&htf=&his=&q=taylor+momsen+fashion#i=23
I would say that the styling of your hair is more important than the color if you are trying to look "rocker chicky". For example, black hair can look rocker...but it can also look harsh and gothic. Blond hair can look rocker...but it can also look good-girl cutesy. Red hair can also look very rocker. If I were you, I would go very dark brown (always avoid black black...dark brown can LOOK like black, but be less harsh), white-blonde, or dark red.

LikeI said though, the styling is more important. If you have long, wavy hair, chances are it won't look as rocker as if you have straighter, choppier, messier hair. It's really what looks good with your face shape and skin color.

Good luck!

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