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Does anyone cut down mature, black walnut trees for free?
We own a large 20-30 yr. old black walnut tree, we are looking for someone to cut it down. The tree is in great shape and bears black walnuts every year. I would hate to pay someone to cut it, so I thought it could be cut for the use of the wood.
A 20-30 year old black walnut is not very mature, and may not have enough trunk diameter to be worth someone's while to cut it for you. The worth as potential lumber is also degraded if there are or have been such things as nails or screws into the trunk.
Figure about $1/board foot for black walnut "on the hoof", more if it's a veneer quality tree.…
I'd guess a 30 year old black walnut to have a stump value of around $50 -- so you're asking someone to cut it for $50.

If you're really determined to do this, please make sure they know how to do this properly, and preferably have liability insurance that covers them. And check your insurance, too,
just in case they drop a branch on their head or your house.
Why Are Black Women From Other Countries more mature then black women in america ?
ive notice black women from africa and other countries besides america act more mature when they are in america then some black women born in and raised in america . they act more like ladies as well as very mature . why is this ?
My honest assessment is because they don't have to deal with the BS from black American men.
Who buys mature Black Walnut trees?
We have a black walnut tree with a trunk about 30" in diameter.
Years ago a gunstock manufacturer wanted to buy it, but My uncle wouldn't sell. No we wish we knew someone who would like to buy it, either for stocks, furniture or verneer. Anyone know of any outfits in Arkansas, West Tennesee, or Southern Missouri who might want to come and cut and buy it?
Being from a lumber family I know that black walnut is considered black gold to the lumber industry. We had a neighbor who sold one like yours for 10,000 standing. They cut the trunk diagonally to make these huge table tops which go for thousands of dollars, and considering how many tabletops you can get from a large tree is a lot of money. Places like Missouri where black walnut are plentiful, you have too much competition but companies in Florida or New Jersey or some place where they are rare bring big bucks. Try advertising on ebay or out of state logging or lumber companies and you won,t have a problem getting a good price for it. good luck.
My daughter needs to remove 2 mature black walnut trees from her yard. Are they valuable for wood?
If so where would you try to sell them? She hopes to recoup some money to pay for the damage they've caused her sewer system.…



Why am i aroused by hot mature black women?
I stayed with my friend in college and i wanted his mother so bad, is this normal?
not abnormal. lucky for hot mature black women.
How mature does a black widow have to be to poison it's victim?
Can a small black widow wreak havoc like a fully mature one?
only adult female black widow spiders are dangerous

young black widows called spiderlings are harmless as are adult males.
Where can I find mature black, white, and pink bedding?
I am a sixteen year old girl who recently painted my room a cute light pink color. I am going for a french theme to match my furniture and am looking for a bedspread with possibly black pink and white in it. I have looked a ton but am having trouble finding stuff that isn't really little guydish like hot pink zebra or grannish. So any suggestions would be awesome! Thanks.

also it needs to be a twin.
look for the brand roxy. they make really nice, expensive (but you can find discounted ones at berlington coat factory and tj-maxx ect.) they use nice colors and you can find some mature ( teenage mature) yet fun things. hope that helped
Who buys mature black walnut trees?
My mother has a black walnut tree in her front yard that she would like to get rid of. It's about 90 inches in diameter and about 12 feet from ground to the first limb. It produces walnuts every year with every other year there being loads and loads; so much that they cover the ground completely. Anyone know who would be interested in using it for the wood?
If you're located in the midwest there's a company called Midwest Walnut that will be more than happy to pay your mother for the tree, as walnut wood is very valuable.

I'm not affiliated with Midwest Walnut at all, but I'm a racing fan and they help sponsor a regional racing series and cars, so I like to try to send people their way when I have the opportunity.

Culturally speaking when do black people start to mature?
It seems that their whole life is dedicated to getting crunk and 'gettin' it down on da dance floor'. My teacher says never, but there are SOME mature ones out their, right? I've seen black women as old as their 60s wearing teenage clothing, and going to clubs. Every other races knows when to settle down, but why are they always the ones left behind?
Racist Much? It's not only African-Americans. I've seen plenty of immature people from other ethnicities.
Is it ok to be attracted to older mature black women?
Im an 18 year old boy and I always had this feeling. Very strong sexual urge towards them. But i know, me having a chance with them won't happen
If the couple can pull it of then why not?

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