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Im 16 and im wondering how do i meet other nudist teens in my area?
i cant go to clubs because my parents are against it and im not 18 so i cant go to websites
Janice Y, for crying out loud, put some clothes on!
Do you think teens should join a nudist colony?
I mean like aged 12-17ish. I personally don't think it's a good idea. They aren't allowed consent until 17 for a reason, they make uneducated decisions. I think it would just put way to much sexual pressure on a young person, especially with all the older nudists around.

What do you think?
Legally there are issues and most nudist clubs will outright forbid unaccompanied minors from visiting or joining as a matter of policy. Many minors do come with their parents/guardians and are very much welcomed. Little or nothing prevents teens from visiting clothing-optional beaches, hot springs, and swimming holes with or without adult supervision.

I hate to judge, but your line of questioning shows your lack of understanding of nudism. There is no sexual pressure at a nudist club. I have been to many nudist clubs and everyone looks out for the well being of each other, especially guyren. Overt sexual activity by two consenting adults is not tolerated and the offending parties will be asked to leave. If a guy were to be placed in a sexual situation at a nudist facility the offending party will likely be charged and prosecuted.

I have met many nudist guyren over the years and never once have I witnessed anything to lead me to believe a guy would be placed in jeopardy by being at a nudist club or resort. Even at clubs that have mandatory nudity policies for adults, guyren are usually not held to the same standards. Guyren are free to dress or undress as they see fit, however it has been my observation that most choose to be nude quite frequently.

I suggest you do some more research about nudism and look at some legitimate nudist and naturist websites. Start by visiting the website for the American Association for Nude Recreation or The Naturist Society View some of the webpages for the affiliate clubs and make arrangements to visit a local club. Chances are you'll meet some nudist families and you can get some first-hand answers.

Good Luck.
Any teens go to a nudist resort with your parents?
And do you really like it or just go because they drag you there?
yeah we went to white thorn it was fun but i was scared first time
How to be a nudist teens.?
i am 13 years old teen how can i be a nudist without my parents knowing
Whenever you're alone in your room or bathroom you can be nude. I don't think you're disturbed. You'll have to wait until you're old enough to drive to be able to go to a nude public place like a nude beach.
What is it like to be a teen nudist in a non nudist family?
im a teen nudist but my parents dont really know. If there is anyone who is a teen nudist and their parents know that, how did they react when you told them, how is it now? How would i tell my parents im a teen nudist?
I am a nudist, but it is hard when you are at home with family. When you are alone at home it is easier to be nude, just keep the doors locked and have a bathrobe nearby just incase someone comes home unexpectedly. I don't know what your parents are like, but they might prefer you to wear at least underwear around the house. I have brothers that are nudist too, but they just wear undies around the house. When you are older and have a place to yourself you can be nude all you want!!!!
What should i expect out of a nudist colony?Teens?
Okay so my cousin is going to be moving to a nudist colony this summer and she wanted me to ask what to expect out of it.
She 15 years old and has never been to a nude beach or resort
She just wants to know what the teens do there and what schools are like and stuff.
People that live or have lived or have visited in a nudist colony please answer,preferablly teens or young adults?
Thanks for your help!
Oh and its also by a beach if that helps
i promise to choose a best answer!
Naked people have nothing to hide
Have any teens here been to a nudist resort with friends or family?
Did you enjoy yourself? Were you nervous? How long did it take you to get undressed? What was the name of the resort and what state was it in?
My first nude beach experience was at eighteen with friends from college; the nudist resort came two years later. At 22 I can't call myself a grizzled veteran but have seen a sampling of places on two coasts (California and Florida.)

Although I've been to five nudist resorts by far the best is the appropriately named Caliente, located just north of Tampa, Florida. Complete with a lagoon pool with a waterfall and grotto, a nudist nightclub and a spa, the place looks like a Ritz-Carlton sans clothes. If Caliente is a little pricey, there is another nice nudist resort located 6 miles south called Paradise Lakes; both are family friendly during the day.
Is there any teen nudist camps in southern california?
I'm 15 and my mom said i'm allowed to go to a teen nudist camp, but i can't find any around the los angeles areas. Everything is around palm springs and thats too far
Your best option is to find a private club. Many of them are smaller and located with-in cities. It won't be a lake but should have a pool.
What happens if you get an erection at a nudist camp?
I'm 15 and have always wanted to go to a nudist camp for teens but I'm afraid of getting an erection.
First of all, nudism is not a sexual experience. It may be sensuous as it feels great to have the sun and water on you without constricting clothing. Nudism is not about seeing or being seen.

Having an erection is the most asked question of any male who want to attend a nudist or clothing-optional venue for the first time.  The short answer is "it rarely, if ever happens."   However, should it happen and since bare etiquette demands you sit on your own towel, cover up, roll over, go swimming, take a shower, do something that will take your mind off of it.   I know it's natural, but it can and does offend most nudists.

 In my 40+ years of being a nudist and visiting more than 50+ nudist clubs, beaches, parks, and resorts, I've witnessed this only twice.  Once the fellow was napping, someone tapped him on his shoulder, and he rolled over.  The 2nd time, a man was strutting around showing off.  He was told to go swimming, sit down, cover up or leave.

If you're afraid one will occur, wear a long towel over your shoulder. BTW, you will have to wait to visit a nudist park, club, or resort till after you're 18 unless a parent or guardian accompanies you.
Is it possible to secretly be a teen nudist?
Hi! Like most people I enjoy being nude but I never know when someone will show up in my house. I can't explain anything to my parents. They never understand. Oh and I don't have a door with a lock on it. I also share a room with my older brother. I know this sucks but I need to find a way to enjoy my alone time being nude. Are there any methods I can use to be naked without anyone knowing?
This is difficult; I couldn't start indulging my own desire to go without clothes until I went away to college. (I was lucky enough not to have a roommate in the dorm first year.)

Perhaps you can at least sleep in the nude.

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