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What is the changes to be pregnant without an orgasm?
Me and my husband have sex but he stop before he has an orgasm. What is the changes for me to be pregnant?
Withdrawal has about a 20% failure rate. (About 20 out of every hundred couples using it will become pregnant each year.) By contrast, the pill or condoms have about a 1-2% failure rate. (And having completely unprotected sex results in pregnancy about 80% of the time.

So if you DON'T want to be pregnant, you need to find a more reliable method, since withdrawal is pretty much russian roulette. If you DO want to be pregnant ... you need to let him finish.
Are you more likely to get pregnant if you orgasm same time as your partner?
Me and my boyfriend aren't using protection. I came a little before he did while we were having intercourse am i more likely to get pregnant than if i don't orgasm at all?
no, makes no difference
Does a Woman have to have an orgasm to get pregnant?
Does a Woman have to have an orgasm to get pregnant?
no. lol and there would be a major drop in population if that were true
How can I have an orgasm at 34 weeks pregnant?
When I was less than 25 weeks pregnant I had orgasm after orgasm. Now that I am 34 weeks(after 25 weeks basically) I have not been able to have an orgasm. Does anyone know why? Or how I can start to have them again?
You can always try toy. Not something that goes all the way in,just something for clitoral stimulation. Just an idea,might work.
Do i have to have an orgasm to become pregnant?
This might be a stupid question but, Does a woman have to have an orgasm to get pregnant?
It definately helps to have an orgasm- it helps the cervix to "suck up" the sperm. However, it's also possible to get pregnant without having an orgasm, also. Most women don't orgasm with sexual intercourse and still have healthy pregnancies. Don't give up!
Is it normal to get pain after orgasm when pregnant?
I'm 21 and 6 weeks pregnant with my first guy and i have noticed that i get pain in my abdomen randomly and only lasts for a few minutes or so. I understand that this is normal. what i want to know is i get the same pain in the same place right after orgasm. This has happened on four seperate occassions. Has anyone had this before and why is it happening, what does it mean? I am a first time mother and as you would understand very worried. Please help.
This happened to me during my pregnancy. After you orgasm the uterus contracts and this happens after sex sometimes and you especially feel it when your pregnant, it doesn't hurt the baby, its just your bodies normal response. If the pain becomes very severe then you should consult your Dr.
Anyone else have trouble reaching orgasm during pregnant sex?
my husband has enjoyed sex 500 times more since I've been pregnant. He said everything is perfect with me being pregnant and he has no trouble having an orgasm. Problem is, I desperately NEED to orgasm, but ever since I've been pregnant, (5 months) I have seldomly been able to reach orgasm. I am ACHING for one.
I ordered this DVD about sex during pregnancy and it did WONDERS for my sex life and it's help to spice things after the baby came…
Can an adult man make her wife pregnant without having an orgasm?
If yes, next time I see a Dad, I can say " Um.... You have a son. That means you have achieved an orgasm once in your life ? "

If no, what are the other options to make their wives pregnant?
A man does NOT have to have an orgasm in able to get her pregnant. If a man suffers from low testosterone he can still get a woman pregnant from pre-***. I know this for a fact.
A woman must reach orgasm in order to get pregnant?
When a couple is having sex to conceive, must the woman also reach an orgasm to get pregnant? Is it enough for the man to have orgasm?
no, it just takes the male, but its always nice when we do
Does the female have to orgasm to successfly fall pregnant?
i was just wondering from talking to my partners mother whether the female has to orgasm to fall pregnant, she was saying they have to or it will kill the sperm. She said the acid when the female orgasm's protects the sperm is this true?
No, faking it is fine - you can still get pregnant :)

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